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Donation Total: $50 One Time

Note :
Please note that Al Muslim Net organization will endeavor to distribute the fund as per donor’s request and reserve the right to use money donated at organization’s discretion. All donations collected will be used within stated objective which is to help and assist all and any needy Muslims.

Our Mission :
To Live our faith (Deen) as a community, based on the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunnh of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) as individuals and as a collective body and to foster a mission of peace, justice and compassion for all within our Muslim community and the world.

Our Goals :
Empower the Muslim community to lead an Islamic way of life. Provide a total network to connect all of our Muslim families together as one body.

Our Values :
The reward of goodness is nothing but goodness. Quran

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Al Muslim Matrimony is a faith-based organization intent on helping single Muslims in accordance to Quran and Sunnah.

Find businesses and services in your area from most trusted voice in local market with an opportunity to connect and grow.

Al Muslim Net Support Group

Al Muslim net support group was established to provide support to individuals and families during times of crisis, poverty, homelessness and illness. Jazakum Allahu khairun for your interest. May Allah reward all of us for the good that we do and for our intentions in this endeavor. Ameen. By signing up to Al Muslim net Support Group you will start receiving emails from us informing you about projects and requests for donations like household items including furniture, food etc.

Facebook Feed

1 month 1 week ago

The Burmese were the first refugees we co-sponsored in 2008. Alhamdulillah, they overcame the hurdles adjusting to life in America, and very quickly became self-sufficient.

We thank Allah for their achievements and pray for their continued success.

6 months 2 weeks ago

Asalaam alaikum all, While you’re making duaas, keep our sisters and brothers in the Midwest in mind, particularly our refugee families who originated in hot and/or tropical climates and who’ve relocated to northern Indiana. Fort Wayne is experiencing some severe cold now—reportedly not quite as bad as Chicag, Detroit or Milwaukee (and duaas for our families there!) but wicked nonetheless.

10 months 2 days ago

Domestic violence is a “family secret” in Muslim communities. We have pervasive problems in some homes, where women and children live in perpetual fear within the home. Alhamdulillah, most Muslim families do live peacefully, where the husband understands and upholds the principles of Islam in his dealings with those whom Allah has placed in his care.

For the longest time, Muslim women have been conditioned to ‘be patient’; ‘keep what happens in the home, within the home’; ‘don’t bring shame or dishonor to the family’. Some parents would urge their daughters to endure the abuse, to ‘save face’ amongst the people.

And when victims do speak out or seek help, too often they experience backlash from members of our communities who believe we are airing out dirty laundry and making ourselves look bad in front of people. Alas, some even revel in backbiting and ridicule.

There deck is so heavily stacked against Muslim women being abused, they remain silent, continuing the living hell of a so-called marriage.

Unfortunately, these women are not the only victims. The children endure this terrible situation, in a place where they’re supposed to feel safest. They feel helpless watching their mothers being abused. They may feel rage, embarrassment, and humiliation.

There is no teaching in Islam that can be used to justify abuse or oppression within the home.

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